In line with its education philosophy as well as its responsibility as an exemplary education institution in Türkiye and its goal to become a worldly-renowned and respected institution with its students, faculty members, research programs and its resources, Koç University aims to provide a safe working environment to all its staff and students, and attaches great importance to “occupational health and safety”.

Our university does not consider occupational health and safety measures and necessary efforts as liabilities, but rather sees them as a body of measures ensuring the health and safety of its employees, and therefore, pays attention and care to the implementation such practices. In order to increase the awareness of its staff and students as well as to ensure informational homogeneity regarding the principal rules of occupational health and safety and necessary measures, Koç University organizes trainings and puts up posters around the campus to raise visual awareness. Occupational Health and Safety Committee and all units of the university undertake coordinated activities regarding this matter.

Along with the achievement of a certain level of awareness, our university, which aims to spread an occupational health and safety culture, issues bulletins providing information on occupational health and safety activities and practices as well as building a communication network on its website for staff and students. Information received through these networks are examined and evaluated by our Occupational Safety Specialists and Workplace Doctors, facilitating the planning of necessary measures and solutions.

You can reach our OHS Policy with this link.