Bioversal Fire Extinguishers

The internationally acclaimed Bioversal fire extinguishing equipment is environmental friendly and entirely constituted by vegetable (biodegradable) compounds. It has no harmful effect on humans and the environment. Its high fire extinguishing rating protects human lives, prevents proliferation of smoke during fire and re-ignition of burning materials.

This is a new generation fire extinguishing equipment with miraculous extinguishing performance in oil fires. Due to its highly effective extinguishing power, extinguished areas and surfaces do not reignite. As well as forming a foam carpet, it merely distorts the chemical structure of the burning oil on the surface. Minimizes the risk of fire and explosion. By taking away fire’s temperature, combustion is interrupted. 

In short, Bioversal fire extinguishing equipment is an eco-friendly as well as the safest preventive product against threats of fire and explosion, and also welding work.

Places where the equipment: Laboratories

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