What is the schedule of the waste disposal officer?

Laboratories that produce waste are checked on a daily basis by the individual in charge of waste disposal. If there is additional need, a request can be submitted through the Track-it system. You can reach the waste disposal officer by dialing the short code 4127.

Which emergency equipment do laboratories contain?

Laboratories are equipped with eye and body wash, eye solutions, fire blankets, first aid kit, and bioversal fire extinguishers.

Does the University provide training for laboratory safety?

All laboratory users at Koç University are required to complete the online training for laboratory safety provided through the Blackboard system.

Will my card access be revoked if I do not complete the laboratory safety training?

If the laboratory safety training provided on Blackboard is not completed, ID cards will not be granted access to the laboratories.

What should I do if I experience an emergency in the laboratories?

In case of an emergency, immediately call 1122 and provide detailed information about the incident.

How can I access the material safety information forms for the chemicals?

You can access these through the Chemwatch software. To obtain the password, please write to isg@ku.edu.tr.

I need personal protective gear, or I need to have my damaged personal protective gear replaced. How can I obtain these?

You can get the necessary information by sending an email to isg@ku.edu.tr.

When going to a different laboratory for conducting an analysis, do I need to remove my glove?

In order to prevent contamination in common areas outside the laboratory, the one glove rule is in effect.

How are eye wash solutions used?

The eyes wash solutions are meant for single use. Once they are used, you may send an email to isg@ku.edu.tr to request fresh supplies.