Ergonomic Chair

Ergonomic chairs prevent postural disorders and musculoskeletal diseases caused by extensive sitting times and computer use. We recommend all our staff that they use the ergonomic chairs distributed to them.

Elbow: Resting on hard surfaces may cause compression or entrapment of nerves.

Head-Neck-Shoulder: Constant bending forward of the head, neck and shoulder can cause scoliosis and chronic pain.

Lower back / upper back pain: Back pain is triggered by bad posture which results in mechanical strain due to improper use of the spinal cord. Muscles and tendons located in the lower part of the back are exceedingly strained. Sitting up straight relieves the load on your spine by 25%.

Click here to download the ergonomic chair user manual.

Mousepad with Wrist Support

Repetitive motion with the wrist bent can cause pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. To avoid contracting carpal tunnel syndrome, use mousepad with wrist support distributed within the framework of Occupational Health and Safety ergonomics efforts.

Click here to access the material safety data sheet belonging to mousepad with wrist support

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome