Chemical absorbent pads are used in chemical spills or to clean up high -volume chemical spills on laboratory benchesin laboratories. 

These pads have been procured to be used at our university laboratories. They are capable of absorbing even highly concentrated corrosives, ensuring fast absorption of liquid inside the matpad. They have a high absorption and endurance capacity.

Their bright pink color attracts attention and makes them easily noticeable.

It is important that rolls included in spill kits are used for large areas and pads are used for smaller spills. 

Actions To Take In the Event of a Spill

Determine the Risks

From the moment of occurrence and while responding to a spill, determine the risks threatening human health, the environment and qualified equipment / articles. Always ensure safety. If possible, determineidentify spilled materials and the volume of the spill.

Choose Personal Protective Equipment

To ensure a safe response to the spill, choose suitable personal protective equipment. For best guidance, consult the material safety data sheet (MSDS) associated with the spilled chemical. If you are not sure about the associated hazard and the spilled chemical is unknown, assume the worst and apply the highest level of protection.

Contain the Spill

Using absorbent pads, encircle or contain the spill. Stop liquid flow before the spill contaminates a waterway

Places where the equipment: Laboratories, Emergency Equipment Cabinets in Academic Buildings

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