These are signs that provide information about occupational health and safety, caution against threats or give instructions through signboards, colored, audio and/or luminous signals indicating a special purpose, activity or situation. You can find the warning signs used inside the campus.

Emergency Exists

Disabled Parking Only

Speed limit 40 km/h

No Smoking

Safety gloves must be worn

Mask must be worn

Eye protection must be worn

Ear protection must be worn

Caution! Watch Out for Falling Ice

No Open Toe Shoes Beyond This Point

Open Door Slowly

Danger Falling Object

Biological Hazard

Boiling Water

Warning Compressed Gas


Risk of Explosion

Hand Hazard De-energise Before Reaching In

Hot Surface

Laser Beam

Pinch Point Can Cause Severe Personal Injury

Sharp Edges Watch Your Fingers

Toxic Hazard

High Voltage