According to european agreement concerning the international carriage of dangerous goods by road (adr)  aims to ensure the safe, secure and orderly transportation of hazardous materials on public roads, without endangering human health and the environment.

Definition of Terms

Dangerous Goods: Dangerous goods are substances that are corrosive, flammable, combustible, explosive, oxidising or water-reactive or have other hazardous properties. Dangerous goods can cause explosions or fires, serious injury, death and large-scale damage.

ADR:European Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods By Road

Hazardous Waste: This is a general definition covering all inflammable, combustible, carcinogenic, explosive, irritant, and toxic waste material that is dangerous for the environment and for human beings.

Some dangerous waste materials frequently seen in automotive and other industries:

– Absorbents and packing materials contaminated with hazardous materials (For example: greasy rags, oakum, gloves, paint and oil containers)

– Greasy mechanical parts,

– Mud from the bottom of tanks,

– Dirty solvents,

– Rinsing water with filmy formation,

– Reducers and hydraulic oils,

– Waste automobile batteries and similar items.

Koç University’s Work Concerning the Safe Transportation of Hazardous Materials


2018 The University received certification for its activities and started receiving consultancy services 2019 The work was taken over by the OHS unit, and conducted with internal resources


  • Koç University is engaged in packing, loading, sending, receiving, and unloading activities that involve hazardous materials. In compliance with regulations, all vehicles and drivers transporting hazardous materials which enter or exit the campus are subject to inspection.
  • Our activities which fall under hazardous materials safety

Delivery of waste materials

Purchase – discharging of the diesel fuel arriving to the university

Purchase – discharging of the pressured gas cannisters arriving to the university

Tracking of chemicals purchased for the University