Do food service providers at the campus undergo any hygiene inspection?

In addition to inspections conducted by a hygiene inspection company 4 times during a calendar year, the Workplace Doctor and Occupational Health Specialist conduct hygiene inspections at food service providers inside the campus.

The first-aid kit has missing items, what should I do?

You can create a request for the missing items here. Missing items will be procured as soon as possible.

Do first aid kits contain medication?

Under the relevant legislation, availability of medication, such as pain killers, fever reducers, syrup and similar medication, in first aid kits is restricted.

The first aid kits contain:

Plaster, adhesive bandage, gauze pad, bandage, sterile gauze pad, scissors, cotton wool, cold compress, CPR mask, antiseptic solution, hydrogen peroxide, medical tourniquet, thermometer, tweezers, safety pin, gloves, first aid booklet, first aid blanket, burn ointment (Silverdin).

Where are the evacuation chairs located at campus?

  • College of Administrative Sciences and Economics (1.Floor)
  • College of Science (1.Floor)
  • College of Engineering (1.Floor)
  • Library (2.Floor)
  • Health Center
  • College of Humanities and Arts
  • School of Medicine
  • L Dormitory
  • RCAC
  • HYO West Campus
  • Presidency Building

How does 1122 emergency line operate?

Calls to 1122 emergency line are responded by security officers available 24 hours at the campus. Ambulance, doctor, health care staff, and Technical Management staff are directed to the scene of incident as soon as possible.

What information should I provide to the 1122 emergency line officer responding to my call?

  • Define the emergency situation
  • If any, report the number and condition of sick and wounded
  • State your address / location clearly
  • Do not hang up until the responding officer terminates the call

What are emergency situations?

  • Traffic accident
  • Fall, hit, cut etc.
  • Physical injury,
  • Fire,
  • Electric shock,
  • Chemical spill,
  • Threat
  • Disaster
  • Situations calling for emergency response and first-aid

Situations, which have not yet caused any accident or injury, but where accident or injury is imminent

What are not emergency situations?

  • Inquiries regarding unknown numbers
  • Address inquiries
  • Calling to ask for information
  • Notifying non-life threatening shortcomings and deficiencies on campus roads, buildings etc.
  • Notifying technical problems and failures
  • Situations calling for repair and maintenance

Am I required to participate in emergency drills?

Within the framework of the relevant law and legislation as well as occupational health and safety practices, everyone is required to participate in emergency drills and observe drill instructions.

I cannot start my car, I need help. Should I call 1122?

Car failure is not an emergency situation; therefore, you can call the Security Management.