If you believe that the circumstances require you to send photographs, you may easily do so using the email address isg@ku.edu.tr or the Safety Issues module of the KU Mobile App. Please remember to provide your contact details.

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About Near Miss

A near miss is an incident occurring at the workplace with the potential of harming employees, workplace or equipment, but which has not caused any such harm. We can think of these incidents as incidents in our daily lives that we tell people about using the word “Nearly”.

Pursuant to Law No. 6331 on Occupational Health and Safety, all near miss incidents have to be put on record.Recording and reporting of such incidents is vital to the prevention of work accidents.

At our university, technical failures, problems and similar issues are communicated to technical management, directorate of construction and similar units over the track-it system, upon which relevant units fix the problem in question. However, even if you used the track-it system to communicate such an incident to the relevant unit, which then came and fixed the problem, you are also required to fill in the near miss incident form to contribute to the assessment of potential accidents within the framework of Occupational Health and Safety efforts. This is because notification of near miss incidents bears utmost significance in the assessment and prevention of possible future work accidents.

According to Heinrich Accident Triangle (Safety Triangle), for every 29 near miss incidents there will be 1 work accident resulting in physical injury, and for every 300 near miss incidents there will be 1 work accident resulting in serious or fatal injury.