We are contributing to campus health and wellbeing, through our holistic program supporting physical, mental, and spiritual health.


Physical Activities

  • Zumba
  • Paired Dance
  • Belly Dance
  • Taebo / RF Campus
  • Yoga /HF
  • Pilates/Anamed


Simple Desk Exercises



Healthy Nutrition



All-day trekking activities are organized to support overall cooperation in the university and to allow employees to spend time together outside of the work environment. The details of the treks carried out are listed below.

Name of Route

Event Date

Distance – Difficulty   

Number of Participants

Yalıköy, Çatalca-İSTANBUL 05.05.2018 10,7 km. – Medium 41
Menekşe Valley, Başiskele-KOCAELİ 29.09.2018 13,4 km. – Medium 38
Simon’s Back, Başiskele-KOCAELİ  25.05.2019 8,6 km. – Medium 33
Tekeköy, Şile-İSTANBUL 12.10.2019 14,6 km. – Medium-High 43


Office Massage

Back pain may occur as a result of working intensely for long hours without moving much. The back massage, which we believe has a great effect in alleviating this sort of back pain is only effective through the magic of expert fingers. This is why occasionally we provide this service to our employees in collaboration with the  Six Dot Association for the Blind (Altı Nokta Körler Vakfı)

Employee Assistance Programme

This is a 24/7 guidance and counseling service that aims to help employees solve difficult situations they encounter both in their work and daily lives, and to help them harmonize work and private life.

AVITA is providing Türkiye’s first Employee Assistance Programme, and the standards and ethical rules it has adopted are identical to those implemented at the global scale.*

*AVITA is a member of Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA) and Employee Assistance European Forum (EAEF), it adheres to the confidentiality principle established through international ethical rules and standards, and it is audited on a regular basis